CD-ROM Art courses in Oils & WaterColours: - Our Latest Release

In 2003 Dale spent 7 months on a CD ROM project putting his acclaimed Oils & WaterColours courses onto user-friendly interactive computer discs. For this he used the expertise of Knysna's Steve Douglas, an expert in the IT field, and the result was South Africa's first fully comprehensive hands-on art courses in Oils & Acrylics (one disc) and WaterColours (one disc).

Each disc contains over 600 pages, 1000 color images and it loads itself into your computer with no fuss (only 130 megs) even putting up the icon on your desktop. You can then have easy access to the comprehensive course at any time, and can work your way through the adventures of Art with Dale, the leader of the Painting workshop concepts in South Africa.

The Price of each disc is R285.00, or R520.00 if both are ordered, plus packaging and posting (R52.00). Special prices are available on request for Retailers, Wholesalers and Societies if multiple copies are ordered.

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DVD Art Demos & Instruction in Oils & WaterColours:

Dale was the leader in this field when he brought out his two instructional videos some 10 years ago, and to date many hundreds of these popular hands-on videos have been sold locally and abroad.

The videos (now available on DVD) have been very well received and they cover most of the basic steps in the respective disciplines, combined with his inimitable positive approach to the creative process. Approximately 80 minutes each.


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