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Commissions by Dale Elliott

Over the years Dale has built-up a large commission practice, and he is especially well-known for the large oil paintings that he handles in accordance with the client's directions.

Commission orders come from a variety of quarters, with a fair spread between local and overseas destinations.   Most of the subjects requested are general South African landscapes and seascapes, with a strong bias towards scenery from the Eastern and Western Cape.

There are, however two other areas where he is often requested to produce paintings.   The one is paintings of historical and often educational buildings, particularly schools and colleges, and the other is his boats and ships theme, especially since he established himself alongside the Knysna lagoon.   He has, in the past few years, completed two large commission orders for multiple paintings of ships for two Casinos in the Western Cape.

Dale is perhaps happiest when handling commissions that are not too restrictive, leaving him with a reasonable amount of latitude in respect of both approach and subject-matter.   He prefers to research and sketch (even paint) the scene ‘on the spot' but is prepared to work off photographs if the necessary copyright is available.

Dale will gladly discuss any requests for commissions with prospective clients.


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