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Type of courses offered by Dale and Janny Elliott:

    Held regularly in oils or water-colours. For beginners, intermediate and advanced artists. Here we cover a wide variety of exercises and techniques.

    For anybody wishing to "switch off" and work with the right brain through a programme of art. No experience necessary.

    Our latest introduction. Explore advanced techniques and approaches with Dale. For intermediate and advanced artists. One course held in watercolours, and two held in oils - covering conventional oil painting (Course 1) and advanced modern techniques
    in oil painting (Course 2).

    On demand. These include Corporate Therapy and Right-brain Art Weeks, General Group Art Weeks, Outdoor Painting Weeks, Art Safaris, Tourist Art Holidays and Workshops, or any custom-designed art course to suit the customer!

Knysna Painting Holidays with Dale and Janny Elliott

Almost 2000 creative people have spent a week with us on  our Painting Holidays over the past 15 years, and we have made countless friends with beginner and advanced artists from all corners of Southern Africa and overseas.

Throughout the year we conduct week-long painting holidays based from our Leisure Isle studio complex.  Dale handles the "right-brain" tuition and exercises, using his acclaimed easy-step approach (now also released in video & CD) and concentrating on individual attention, whilst Janny attends to the other aspects of the courses - accommodation, catering and special care to ensure smooth running of the week.

We conduct separate courses in oils and watercolours, limited to a maximum of 12 participants.   Courses are geared for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists, and we take participants through a full experience of the particular discipline which the course is handling.    This includes slide and general art presentations, step-by- step exercises, basic and advanced techniques, outdoor approach, composition and construction workshop, practical finance and planning in art and even framing input.    We introduce participants to the extensive range of Winsor & Newton as well as Faber-Castell products.

Each artist will complete at least one painting per day, and Dale encourages participants to develop their own styles, at a pace to suit each individual.   We work in a well-appointed and relaxed studio environment, and we enjoy a week of concentrated painting midst excellent camaraderie with a stimulating music programme!

Please feel free to contact us for advice on which course would the most suitable for you, thereafter we hope that you will join us for a painting holiday that you will never forget - and a week that could change the direction of your life!



 NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY, on any of our  courses, unless otherwise specified.

 INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION on a one-on-one basis  is  given to all participants.

 ACCOMMODATION. Knysna offers endless  options  at   reasonable rates,   especially on  Leisure Isle,  within   walking distance of the  studio. Janny will  assess your   needs.

 GOURMET LUNCHES on our courses are by  Knysna's   legendary caterer   Bobby Green.

 TRAVEL. Knysna is easily accessible by road and  air   (and sea!). Contact   Janny for details and  transfers   from George airport.

 ART SUPPLIES. We can supply all you will need  for  our   exercises from our   Course Art Shop.  Bring  what you   have, and supplement after we  have  assessed your   needs. We supply  individual studio  easels, tables and   chairs, and  we stock Winsor &  Newton and Faber-   Castell  products.

 HUSBANDS / WIVES / PARTNERS of artists are  welcome to join us in all   peripheral activities,  eg  cocktail party, evening presentations, teas  and  any   excursions.

 COURSE RESERVATIONS. We advise early  booking, as   our courses are often   fully booked.  Contact Janny to   make all arrangements.

 TARIFF available on request.


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