I love painting the open spaces in 'big-sky' country, and the thousands of miles I travelled with my colleagues in our auctioneering and livestock business in the Border and North-eastern Cape in the 70's and 80's brought me into contact with the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of that special area.    On our daily trips I would insist, sometimes to the chagrin of fellow passengers (!), that we should stop so that I could at least photograph the scene.    So passing windmills, rural villages, herded cattle, and country cameos of every description became special collectables, and many, like this windmill on the Tarkastad road, were recorded by me on canvas.    This is a typical late-summer sky, with the veld already turning dry, and I tried to get the enveloping effect of distance in the clouds, with big shapes coming forward, and the smaller energies receding.    It also helps to put in a real landscape feature, like the distant, looming 'Hangklip', a well-known beacon in those parts.    A device like a fence is also useful to lead the eye.

Copyright 2003 Dale Elliott